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robert bob lalas
Fred the pictures you have are very amazing everything is smooth and beautiful. I like all the pictures they have really perfect shoots.
Thanks for the work fred!
robert bob lalas
I really like this website it has a lot of pictures that inspire me to work hard and become professional like you. Thank you very much you make my day great.
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Rene Donk(non-registered)
What a wonderful and beautiful creature. We have a cougar roaming the woods behind our house in Shelton, State of Washington. The difference it is not that big in build.
JoAnne Duby(non-registered)
Jorge de la O(non-registered)
May the Mountain Lion live long and in harmony with all in the Upper Ojai. Thank you for such wonderful photos.
David Des Laurier(non-registered)
I had to find the pictures of the cougar! Thank you, David
Therese Duncan(non-registered)
Fred - I admire your work. It's very moving. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing the Pictures of the Mountain Lion he seems very content, I also looked at your other Pictures they are amazing. thanks for sharing
Bill Guilfoyle(non-registered)
Great story and beautiful pictures. I've been enjoying your blogs for years as they are forwarded by my better half. Please add me to your distribution
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